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When you require a rapid company formation, there is no quicker service. Instant Company Formations uses Companies House approved technology to provide a seamless online incorporation. The result is that you can form a company not just the same day, but within hours at low cost.

Our web based service is very fast and fully automated, and this makes it very cost effective too. There is no requirement to complete paper forms and post them, and no legal services and costs are incurred. If you would like to see the process click here to see formation process.

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Instant Company Formations can incorporate a new UK Limited company within a few hours. The company can be registered at Companies House as a Limited liability company in the United Kingdom, Scotland & Wales. Instant Company Formations uses specially developed electronic submission software which works directly with Companies House.

When you submit your company formation request in the morning you can expect your new company to be incorporated the same working day. Instant Company Formations is committed to providing our customers with the fastest and most reliable service, and by keeping our operation efficient we also aim to provide excellent value.

We work with and partner with market leading companies and services which we believe can help us to provide the very best service to our customers.  Our market leading company formation packages are used by both senior directors of established companies and by entrepreneurs wishing to form UK companies quickly.

All our packages provide a brand new company, with no previous history, and incorporated with the name that you have chosen. You appoint the directors and shareholders from day one, and there is no requirement to change previous members that were put in place by the original company formation agents.

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Very quick thank you. All the information I needed was shown online.
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Fast and efficient and very easy to do! I would recommend this service.
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What advantages can a Limited Company offer?
A private limited company is a legal entity which is separate from the directors. This means that any assets are owned by the company itself and all contracts are deemed to be signed on behalf of the company itself. The directors and secretary are considered to be acting as agents of the company. The company can only be dissolved by winding up, liquidation or order of the Registrar of Companies or by the Court. The advantage of Limited liability applies to a private Limited company. The shareholder's liability is limited to the value of the shares held by them in the event that creditors demand payment which the company cannot fulfil. In most cases the shares will have been paid up, which means that the money has already been paid into the company by the shareholders in order to purchase the shares. Therefore the shareholders do not normally suffer any further loss, other than the money which they have already paid into the company. In effect, the personal assets of a shareholder cannot be used to pay the company debts. Incorporation as a limited company can also offer a degree of protection for the company name. No two live companies can be incorporated at the same time with exactly the same name. There can also be tax benefits that apply to a Limited company. An accountant will help you make the most of the potential benefits if you are a shareholder of the company.

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